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About the Artist

Karen Roncari

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While growing up meagerly in a family of 12, Karen never had enough paper or crayons, any clean surface was fair game to draw on. She would save the left over paint from treasured and scant gifts of paint-by-numbers to create her own paintings.
Karen’s artist journey took her from correspondence art school to working as a colorist for photo studios, to painting hired models.
Having painted for over 40 years now, Karen enjoys trying new and different mediums, techniques, and subject matter. Admiring the "Old Masters" and the different techniques and "isms", her own work takes on quite a varied look & genre, from whimsical florals to strong American Indian portraits (a proud tribute to her Native American family roots and history). 
“We artists imitate nature, but the greatest Artist ever is God Himself.” says Karen who finds the creative process fulfilling and stimulating.
Among her media interests are hand painted silk scarves, rocks and barn wood.
Karen’s favored mediums are oils, acrylics, charcoal & pastels.